Kota Factory Season 3 (2024) Web Series

Kota Factory Season 3 is back with the characters fans love and a great story, the show follows students preparing for IIT exams in Kota, Rajasthan. Jitendra Kumar returns as Jeetu Bhaiya, the wise mentor helping students through their tough journey.

The series keeps its unique black-and-white style and realistic portrayal of Kota student life, which has deeply connected with its audience. In its third season, Kota Factory explores the pressures students face, highlighting the importance of preparation and perseverance.

Title Kota Factory Season 3
Director Pratish Mehta
Company TVF
Release Date June 20, 2024
Genre Drama, Comedy
Main Cast Jitendra (Jeetu Bhaiya), Mayur (Vaibhav), Ranjan (Meena)
Number of Episodes 5 Eps
Language Hindi
Platform Netflix

Kota Factory Season 3 keeps telling the compelling story that fans love. This season goes deeper into the challenges and dreams of students in Kota, who are preparing hard for the IIT-JEE exams. It stands out for showing the emotional highs and lows of student life realistically.

Critics on Movierulz have praised Jitendra Kumar's role as Jeetu Bhaiya, the mentor who not only helps students academically but also supports them emotionally. Tillotama Shome joins as a new teacher, bringing a fresh perspective on the tough realities students face in the competitive world of education.


  • Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiya
  • Mayur More as Vaibhav Pandey
  • Ranjan Raj as Meena
  • Revathi Pillai as Vartika
  • Alam Khan as Uday Gupta
  • Ahsaas Channa as Shivangi Ranawat
  • Urvi Singh as Maurya

Quick Story

Kota Factory Season 3 continues Vaibhav and his friends' journey as they prepare for the challenging JEE exams. The season focuses on their struggles with the competitive environment and the emotional pressures they face. Vaibhav, now studying at Maheshwari classes.

New characters and unexpected plot twists add depth to the story. Vaibhav's interactions with his peers, including forming new friendships and exploring romantic feelings, are depicted realistically. The season explores themes such as mental well-being and the impact of intense academic stress.

You can now watch the new episodes on Netflix. It came out on June 20, 2024, and also check more such popular series on homepage.