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Blackout is a Hindi movie released in 2024. You can watch it on JioCinema from June 7, 2024. It's directed and written by Devang Shashin Bhavsar. The main actors are Vikrant Massey, Mouni Roy, and Sunil Grover. The story happens in Pune during one night when the city goes dark due to a blackout.

It's produced by Jyoti Deshpande and Niraj Kothari under Jio Studios. The movie promises to be exciting with lots of suspense and drama. Other actors like Jisshu Sengupta, Karan Sudhakar Sonawane, and Ruhani Sharma also give great performances.

Title Blackout
Release Date June 7, 2024
Platform JioCinema
Director Devang Shashin Bhavsar
Writer Devang Shashin Bhavsar
Editing Unnikrishnan P.P
Main Cast Vikrant Massey, Mouni Roy, Sunil Grover
Other Cast Jisshu Sengupta, Karan Sudhakar Sonawane, etc.
Genre Drama, Thriller
Runtime 2 hours 2 minutes
Language Hindi

Blackout is a movie you can watch on JioCinema. It's directed by Devang Shashin Bhavsar and stars Vikrant Massey, Mouni Roy, and Sunil Grover. The story is about a crime reporter named Lenny, played by Massey. He gets caught up in a tricky situation during a blackout in Pune, where the whole city loses power.

Critics really like this movie because of its interesting story and great acting, especially Vikrant Massey's performance as the main character. The story shows how people act in tough situations and what happens because of it.


  • Josh Duhamel as Cain
  • Abbie Cornish as Anna
  • Nick Nolte as DEA Agent Ethan McCoy
  • Omar Chaparro as Eddie
  • B├írbara de Regil as Mina
  • Jose Sefami as Ruiz
  • Hernan Del Riego as Father Tomas

Quick Story

The story begins when a sudden blackout happens, causing chaos in the city. As the darkness spreads, secrets come out, and the characters' lives change unexpectedly.

Vikrant Massey's character gets caught in a dangerous situation, while Sunil Grover's role adds complexity to the mystery. With each passing moment in the blackout, the tension rises. The movie blends suspense and drama in the best way possible.

If you want to watch the thriller Blackout. It's available for streaming right now on JioCinema. This movie premiered on June 7, 2024, and you can only watch it on this platform. To watch Blackout online, just go to the JioCinema website or use the JioCinema app. Also, don't forget to check HDHub4u for more such movies.