Premalu (2024) Malayalam Hindi Movie

Premalu is a funny romantic movie made by Girish A. D. and produced by Bhavana Studios, Fahadh Faasil and Friends, and Working Class Hero. It stars Naslen and Mamitha Baiju as the main characters, along with other great actors like Sangeeth Prathap, Shyam Mohan, Meenakshi Raveendran, Akhila Bhargavan, and Althaf Salim.

The movie is made with a minimal budget of ₹3 crore and Premalu is getting a lot of attention because of its interesting story and great acting. Directed by Girish A. D., it's a movie that mixes romance and humour, making it a must-see for fans of Malayalam films.

GenreRomantic Comedy
DirectorGirish A. D.
ProducerBhavana Studios, Fahadh Faasil and Friends, Working Class Hero
Main CastNaslen, Mamitha Baiju, Sangeeth Prathap, Shyam Mohan, etc
Release DateFebruary 9, 2024
Running Time156 minutes
Budget₹3 crore
Box Office₹136 crore


Premalu is a lovely romantic comedy that tells a sweet story and has great acting. Directed by Girish A. D., it follows Sachin Santhosh, played by Naslen, as he unexpectedly falls in love in Hyderabad. Mamitha Baiju is as fantastic as Reenu Roy, making the romance even more special. Along with a talented cast including Sangeeth Prathap, Shyam Mohan, Meenakshi Raveendran, Akhila Bhargavan, and Althaf Salim, the characters in the movie feel real and make the story unforgettable.

Premalu surprises everyone with how good it is, making people laugh, feel romantic, and relate to the moments in the film. Vishnu Vijay's music and Ajmal Sabu's cinematography add to the movie's charm, while Akash Joseph Varghese's editing keeps the story flowing smoothly.

Premalu Actors

  • Naslen as Sachin Santhosh
  • Mamitha Baiju as Reenu Roy
  • Sangeeth Prathap as Amal Davis
  • Shyam Mohan

Premalu didn't just win people's hearts, it also did amazingly well at the box office, making more money than anyone expected and setting new records in Malayalam movies. Even though it was made with a budget of ₹3 crore, it made a whopping ₹136 crore worldwide. People loved the movie's great story and acting so much that they kept going to see it in theatres.

Experts thought Premalu would do well because it got such good reviews and people were talking about how much they liked it. The movie kept making money consistently because so many people from different regions liked it. It made ₹55.91 crore from Malayalam audiences, ₹11.13 crore from Telugu viewers, and ₹2.95 crore from Tamil fans.


Premalu tells a sweet story about Sachin Santhosh, a young guy from Kerala. He plans to move to the United Kingdom, but things change when his visa gets rejected because he doesn't have enough money. Now, he's not sure what to do next. His journey takes him to Hyderabad, where he meets Reenu Roy, who works at an IT company. Their meeting is like fate bringing them together, and it leads to a romantic adventure full of funny moments and heartfelt feelings.

It was directed by Girish A. D. and Premalu is a fresh look at love and relationships, mixing romance with comedy in a great way. As Sachin and Reenu's relationship grows, viewers feel all kinds of emotions, going through the highs and lows of modern romance.

Premalu Hindi Dubbed to Stream Online

Premalu is a movie that makes people happy when they watch it in theatres. Lots of folks love the sweet love story and keep going back to see it. Many can't wait to watch it online too. Right now, you can only see it in theatres, but soon it will be on the popular streaming platform.

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