Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life (2024) Movie Malayalam, Hindi

Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life is a movie from Kerala, India, that came out in 2024. It stars actors like Prithviraj Sukumaran, Jimmy Jean-Louis, and K. R. Gokul. The movie is made by Blessy and supported by different companies from India and the United States.

It's based on a popular book by Benyamin. The story is about Najeeb, a worker from Kerala who goes to Saudi Arabia and ends up being forced to work as a goatherd, or someone who takes care of goats. The movie shows how tough Najeeb's life becomes in the desert.

TitleAadujeevitham - The Goat Life
Released on2024
GenreSurvival Drama
Main CastPrithviraj Sukumaran, Jimmy Jean-Louis, K. R. Gokul
Music DirectorA. R. Rahman
CinematographerSunil K. S
EditorA. Sreekar Prasad
Based onAadujeevitham by Benyamin
BudgetNot specified
Box Office CollectionOver ₹150 crore


In Aadujeevitham The Goat Life, we see Najeeb's tough journey portrayed by Prithviraj Sukumaran. He does a great job, of making Najeeb's struggles feel real. The other actors like Jimmy Jean-Louis and K. R. Gokul also add depth to the story.

Director Blessy tells Najeeb's story well, showing the beauty and loneliness of the desert where he works. Even though the movie is slow in some parts, it's still worth watching because of its attention to detail and emotional storytelling. It talks about important things like staying strong, surviving tough times, and the strength of the human spirit.

Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life Actors

  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Najeeb Muhammed
  • Jimmy Jean-Louis as Ibrahim Khadiri
  • K. R. Gokul as Hakeem
  • Amala Paul as Sainu (Najeeb's wife)
  • Talib Al Balushi as Kafeel
  • Rik Aby as Jasser
  • Shobha Mohan as Ummah (Najeeb's mother)

Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life Movie

It has done well in cinemas, making more money than expected. It's earned over ₹150 crore worldwide, making it one of the highest-earning Malayalam movies ever. People thought it would do well because of its great story and because Prithviraj Sukumaran, the main actor, is so famous.

The movie's success is because lots of people like it, and especially because Prithviraj Sukumaran did such a good job playing Najeeb Muhammed. Even though there were other movies out at the same time, Aadujeevitham still brought in lots of viewers, showing that people liked it. Experts think it will keep making money and winning awards because it tells such a good story and the actors did such a great job.


The Goat Life tells the tough story of Najeeb Muhammed, a man from Kerala who gets trapped in slavery in Saudi Arabia. The story begins when Najeeb and his friend Hakeem go looking for better opportunities but end up tricked and stuck working on a remote desert farm. Najeeb gets separated from his friend and feels very lonely. His struggles show how strong people can be when life gets really hard.

Facing tough conditions and dealing with dangerous situations, Najeeb's journey shows how he fights to survive and dreams of being free. The story focuses on Najeeb finding his friend again and meeting Ibrahim Khadiri, another goatherd who helps him plan to escape. When Najeeb sees a chance to run away during a wedding, the story gets really exciting, showing how determined he is to be free.

Aadujeevitham - The Goat Life to Stream Online

It is a movie that's grabbing people's attention in theatres. It has a great story and amazing acting that draws viewers into Najeeb Muhammed's journey. You can watch it on the big screen and feel like you're right there in the desert with him, feeling all the emotions.

Even though it's only in theatres for now, soon you'll be able to watch it on popular streaming platforms at home. Fans are excited to hear when it'll be available online, so they can enjoy the story without leaving their houses.

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